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May 29, 2012

Sarah & Brent | Planet Bluegrass | Denver Wedding Photographers

Written on May 29, 2012 by in Wedding

To say that we love this group of people deserves a big “HELLZ YEH WE DO!”.   We fell for all of them at Ali & Cory’s wedding last year, and now we’re basically just going to invite ourselves to all their future family functions just so we can hang.  And how could you not love the coolest dog ever…… Finn…… Finn basically played in the rain and in the river the whole day.  He thought the festival was for him.

Sarah & Brent have an incredible group of friends and family surrounding them.  They all braved the rain and cold and didn’t complain one bit to be there celebrating with these two crazy love, soul mates.  There had been threats of rain all week, and on the day of the wedding, it poured…… and poured….. and then it poured some more.  A very unusual day for the mountains, but that seemed fitting to us since this is no ordinary couple.

Instead of being disappointed, Sarah & Brent embraced the cold, danced in the rain, and said “Let’s do this!”.  As guests cuddled up and the rain poured, the ceremony began without ever a second thought of moving it indoors.  And it was romantic and perfect, and eventually, the sun started to shine.  We highly recommend to other couples who may find themselves in this same situation………  Embrace your day, whatever kind of day it is because it will make for beautiful, one-of-a-kind memories that you wouldn’t imagine.

This was INDEED a festival, featuring three bands, AMAZING food, and dancing til the deepest stars came out …..  and we loved every soaking wet second of it ….


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